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Add a little drama to your look with the Nagini Snake Ear Climbers! We know that jewellery can transform your look, and this ear climber will do just that. Not only is it light as a feather at 3.6 grams so you won't even feel it, it's handcrafted with 925 sterling silver and set with sparkling zirconia for subtle shimmer and a stunning appeal. It easily secures against your earlobe with the hook fastening, which creates an illusion of having two snakes crawling up the edges of your ears!

Jewellery featuring snakes has long been a popular choice. In ancient Greek mythology, for example, the snake was associated with wisdom and healing. In Hinduism, it's an important symbol of fertility and creation. Today, snakes can be seen as a representation of transformation, rebirth, and regeneration. They can serve as an empowering symbol of strength and courage.

Plus, at 3cm in length and 1.3cm in width, this is sure to make a statement without looking too over-the-top. So if you're daring enough, go ahead and try out this sssshimmery snake ear climber!

Nagini Snake Ear Climbers Silver

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