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About Us

The Owner

I am Natalie Mckenzie, the owner and founder of NMme Collection. At one time the economy was thriving so purchasing gold, platinum and diamonds was common for me. 14 karats or higher, solitaire, baguettes or round diamonds, white gold or yellow gold, whatever made the outfit pop, that's what I selected.

Along came the economic crisis of 2008. Not only was it impossible to keep the same purchasing habits but the jewelry I had amassed was stolen. I was forced to start all over. 

I previously had not considered purchasing costume jewelry because I didn't have to. However, money dictates. The jewelry was beautiful. I just had a few issues. I couldn't wear the earrings at all, my ears would adversely react and I couldn't keep the necklaces on long because it would irritate. I have had a nickel allergy for as long as I could remember.


I tried to google nickel free jewelry and metals came up, not actual jewelry. I started researching metals that were body friendly. Titanium is one of them. Putting together an outfit with accessories became more work than fun.

I wanted to find all the jewelry in one place and wondered if others may feel the same way. So NMme Collection was born. Nickel free, titanium, wood and ceramic beads are predominately the basis for the jewelry in this collection.

As time moved on, I started making designing and making bracelets. Now most of NMme Collection is handmade. Giving new meaning to making a statement. 


The owner, Natalie Mckenzie in a Red outfit
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